2019 is here. Are you ready?

January 1st has always been a day where I felt optimistic about life. In the past though, I left it up to the universe to bring me what was right for me, and I stood by, waiting, expecting.

This year, things are different. This year, I am not standing by. This year, I am creating what I desire. There will be no waiting around. This year, I will manifest my BIG dreams. And it starts today.

Come along with me.

Unlike every other year, I am starting the first day of January with a cup of coffee, a notebook, and a quiet space, writing down my goals, and I invite you to join me.

Did you know that writing down your goals (paper and pen, no techy stuff) significantly increases your chances of achieving them?

Hundreds of studies have proven that, and I won’t bore you with the statistics, just trust me on this one, will you?

Here’s a simple process you can follow, starting right #NOW:

  • Spell it out! Write down EXACTLY what you want. Be clear and specific and make the picture as crisp and vivid in your #mind as you possibly can.
  • Feel them! Go into this picture you created after you wrote your goals. Ask yourself some questions: how would I feel when I achieve this goal? Who will be the first person I share the good news with? What will I do? Answer these questions in your mind (or better yet, write the answers down too!) and really go deep into the emotions. If you wrote down you will be excited for instance, then is your heart beating fast when you visualize it? If not, then try again, and again and again, until you FEEL it with all your being.
  • Be grateful for achieving your goals BEFORE you experience them in your physical reality. Send love to what you are trying to manifest. Say THANK YOU to the universe for giving you exactly what you want.

I am ready. Are you?


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