Goal. Big, Bold and Underlined

Imagine checking in at the airport, walking around the duty free shops, waiting in the lounge and then boarding a plane. Now imagine if the host came to you, after you have settled in your seat, and asked: “where would you like to go?”. That would be quite unsettling, wouldn’t it? I mean, the plane is about to take off and your bags are stowed in the overhead compartment and you still don’t know where you’re heading. You can’t just say Europe, or Asia, or Africa (unless you think Africa is a country, in which case stop reading, now). When you board a plane you need to know not only which city you are heading to, but also which airport exactly you will be landing in. It’s common sense, isn’t it?


This thought led me to wonder why we don’t always apply the same type of precision and focus on other things that we dream of having or achieving. We often hear people saying “I wish I could make more money”, or “I would like to start my own business”, or “I want to volunteer for a charitable foundation”. For a long time, I toyed around with these types of thoughts too. Now, the questions that come to mind are: How much more money exactly? What type of business exactly? Which foundation exactly?

You see, if we don’t know where we would like to end up, if we don’t have a specific goal in mind, how will we know when we get there? And more importantly, how will we get there to begin with?


Everything in life has a cause and an effect. This applies to our thoughts too, which ultimately lead to our actions and the outcomes we see in our lives. Neglecting to add spices to food or missing a key ingredient when cooking for instance will give you a meal, but not a very tasty one. If midway through preparing your meal you realize something is missing and you have no choice but to finish cooking, you wouldn’t be surprised in the end when your dinner turns out… eh… just “ok”, would you? On the other hand, if you put everything that needs to be added, mix it just right, let it simmer for the right amount of time, you full heartedly believe and expect the meal to be delicious. If this rings true to you, then why would it surprise or disappoint us when we don’t achieve a “vague” goal or fail to arrive at a “blurry” finish line?


You might ask, as many have, including myself, “but what if I don’t know what my goal is?”. My answer will be, quite bluntly (but lovingly), that you will never get there.

Investing time in asking ourselves this very important question and never ever settling for “I don’t know” as an answer is totally worth it. Be hard on yourself. Keep asking until you get it. You have the answer, you just need to dig in to find it.


I believe that life should be lived to the fullest, every single day. I refuse to accept an … eh… just “ok” kind of existence. Achieving goals, as small or as big as they may be, is what adds the essential spices to our lives. So, I for one, will do whatever it takes to continue to make my life absolutely delicious! The best part is, I have all the ingredients, and so do you. Every single one of you.


How about you make your next goal: “finding my goal”? If you commit to yourself to finding it and to making the goal as specific as you possibly can, then you will not rest until you get it. Unless you’re ok with flying to the vicinity of Zanzibar and landing in Myanmar instead. It’s up to you. (I’d love to visit both, but you get the point).

Let’s go set some goals. Let’s start living, on purpose.

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