Out with the old, in with the new

Do you ever find yourself mentally stuck in a place where you no longer are physically?

You replay certain events in your life, re-experience negative moments, relive difficult conversations? This – sadly – is very common, but just because it’s common, it doesn’t make it right, does it?

As we begin a new year with all kinds of plans and visions for a happy, healthy and prosperous year, many of us forget to take the step before we launch our grand plans.

The step is releasing ourselves from our past, letting go of the old so we can welcome the new.

When I talk about releasing parts of our past, I am not only referring to negative and painful experiences, I am also talking about those of us who hold on to past positive experiences. On the surface, this may seem like a good thing to be doing, right? But the truth is, if you stay in the past, whether in a positive or a negative memory, you’re keeping yourself stuck there, and you’re not making room for new experiences to come into your life freely.

So today, I urge you to use your energy to bless your past experiences, both good and bad, and gently and lovingly let them go…


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