What are we growing towards?

I’ve been reflecting on how sunflowers grow towards the sun 🌻. If you’ve ever been in a sunflower field you would notice the flowers gently moving towards the sun, and swaying in the direction in which the sun moves.

What about us, in which direction do we grow?

What is the “sun” that we’re swaying with and towards?

Think about it.. when was the last time you felt truly alive? Standing tall? Feeling inspired? Buzzing with excitement? It is probably a time when you felt seen.. someone’s eyes were on you.. looking at you with love and appreciation.. seeing your true essence, underneath the surface.. understanding you, accepting you, loving you. And in that moment, you started shining even brighter. ..

We grow towards love.. we sway with it.. we connect to the world and everything in it through love..

Look at the way children shine when you show them love, when you look them in the eye, when you make them feel seen and appreciated. They raise their heads, they open their shoulders, they occupy their space confidently and fully. We are the same.

We grow towards love. ..

Are you helping someone shine brighter by seeing them and by loving them?

Let me know your thoughts

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