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The journey from "I know everything" to "I don't know what I don't know" is amazing and eye opening. Thank you Muna, for making me take control of my thoughts and see life from a new angle, which is all positive and amazing. Can't wait for Step-II of the “Inside Out Journey". Whoever is reading this, join the inside out journey today to turn your impossible to possible.
Sarmad Nafees
Senior Consultant Innovative Solutions
Genuinely one of the best workshops I've attended. Muna Shakour is an excellent instructor, very inspiring, informative and her method of delivery was so easy to receive. The workshop was very insightful, we had a deeper understanding of our emotions and how to influence and change them
Alma Bushnaq
Guidance Counselor
What a workshop! Thanks Muna for a wonderful workshop packed with new information and tips and tricks on how to know and run yourself! It was even lovelier to meet the rest of the team members.
Zein Ammari Suna
Kids Empowerment Anti-bullying Specialist
I attended the InsideOut Journey back in April 2018, and I am writing this testimonial several months later, as I can confidently say now that it is true, your thoughts and your language can indeed influence the outcomes you would like to see. Since the workshop, positive things started to unfold, particularly at work, but also at home. By simply practicing a shift in thoughts, language and perspective, and applying what I learnt at the workshop, I was able to unleash powers that I had no idea I possessed, and I made the impossible possible. Muna is a wonderful coach and a genuine human being. I can not wait to attend more of Muna's workshops!
Basma Ammari
Basma Ammari, Prime Minister's Office, UAE
Thank you Muna for the excellent seminar. This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I've learned into practice
Andy Jreige
Interior Designer
Thank you Muna for this great experience you gave us. It was wonderful to be amongst likeminded humans, guided by a great coach like you. Thank you very much. (I would do it again).
Yiannis Vafeas
Managing Director
Thank you again for an amazing workshop with like-minded individuals, I can say on everyone’s behalf how we all benefited tremendously on Saturday. It was a pleasure being part of this group. It was fun, enlightening and beneficial. Muna I haven't stopped talking to my friends about the workshop.
Sahar Madani
Founder of "WE GROUP" Women Empowerment Group
I attended "The Inside Out Journey - Part 1", and I was not the same person at the end of the workshop. It was very empowering and inspiring! Thank you Muna for your positive energy.
Soulaf Mansour
Lactation Consultant
Yesterday was a very interesting and engaging experience and I loved every minute of it even the moment when we were all hypnotized (actually it was the best moment).
Ramzi Baramki
Project Director
This workshop has helped me understand what it means to "Create my own reality", we all know it on some level, but understanding the science behind it, has deepened my understanding of this belief and put me in charge rather than in effect. I am now fully aware that change comes from within. Thank you for the experience, examples and wealth of knowledge you bring to the table. What you teach, is everything we need in our world today!
Ola Fadda
Regional Senior Marketing Manager
It was a great pleasure to meet all of the participants and spend a beautiful day together. A lot of reflections and seeds to water. Muna was simply fantastic. Thank you Muna for having allowed me to be part of the first step of your brilliant journey.
Simone Mondini
Zone Vice President
Well done Muna, it was a great pleasure to be part of this workshop. You presented well, organized it well, explained it well. We had fun, learned new things, shared personal stories and there was a great group participation. So thumbs up and go go go for the next sessions. I hope you’ll touch as many people as possible with this knowledge.
Lousin Mehrabi
Executive Life Coach
Thank you Inside Out. I was catapulted into a whole new mindset by Muna. It wasn't a magical transformation, but only an introduction. Lots more to do before the transformation takes full effect… but I've decided it's a match for me and that's exactly what Muna excelled in. An overarching confidence be-speckled by perfectly adequate amounts of sincerity grounded by organic sentiments and purposefully orchestrated thoughts that resulted in empowering ideas for the road ahead. I look forward to that road ahead.
Rami Jadallah
Marketing Director


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